Thank you for your interest in NYSEPH! We are excited that you are interested in training with us.

Please be aware that NYSEPH only accepts applicants who are licensed health or mental health professionals or current graduate students in an accredited program.**

This is a 60 hour course that teaches the basic concepts of clinical hypnotherapy including pacing and leading, different inductions, and an overview of how to use hypnotherapy with anxiety, pain, depression, and other issues.

The next class series will begin Fall 2023. This is a sixteen-week course that takes place over 6 months. It is split into two, 8-week sessions. There is a two month break in between the two sessions. Each week will alternate between a self-study week and a 3 hour live zoom class. The first week of the course is self-study and is the week of September 24th, 2023. The first virtual Zoom class will be held on October 1st, 2023.

Below is the full schedule.

Session 1, 2023:

Sept 24: Self-study

Oct 1: Live 3-hour zoom class

Oct 8: Self-study

Oct 15: Live 3-hour zoom class

Oct 22: Self-study

Oct 29: Live 3-hour zoom class

Nov 5: Self-study

Nov 12: Live Zoom Comprehensive Exam, Q & A, and final class

Session 2, 2024:

Jan 14: Self-study

Jan 21: Live 3-hour zoom class

Jan 28: Self-study

Feb 4: Live 3-hour zoom class

Feb 11: Self-study

Feb 18: Live 3-hour zoom class

Feb 25: Self-study

March 3: Live Zoom Comprehensive Exam, Q & A, and final class


New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0035.

The Training Objectives

The 60-hour Basic training program in hypnotherapy at NYSEPH is a comprehensive, competency-based program. Skills are taught, practiced, and mastered throughout the course of training in six separate modules, progressing from basic skills to clinical application of specific techniques. By the end of each section, students will build on their knowledge and skills in a way that allows them to integrate hypnosis into their own practice. By the end of the 60-hour training, students will be able to competently and confidently employ hypnotherapeutic skills with individuals with a variety of presenting problems.

An additional 40 hours of Advanced training and supervision is available with NYSEPH after completion of the 60-hour training.  These additional 40 hours (100 hours in total) will lead to NYSEPH certification.  Additionally, this 40-hour program, which focuses on applying hypnotherapy in a clinical setting and receiving supervision on hypnotherapy practice, is open to all previous graduates of the NYSEPH training program who want to further their training and solidify their clinical skills.

The Training Course

The course is structured as hybrid, with both synchronous and asynchronous components. This sixteen-week course will occur over 5 months. Each week will alternate between a self-study week and a 3 hour live zoom class.

Each of the six modules contains a set of skills and competencies that are learned and practiced consistently. Each section is split between learning, practicing, and demonstrating the skills, in order to make sure that students have mastered the basic skills taught before moving on to the next section.

Module 1: Introduction to the Use of Hypnosis in Clinical Practice

The first section focuses on the history, definition, and myths about hypnosis, understanding the phenomena associated with hypnosis, as well as basic skills in induction, pre-hypnotic interviews, trance ratification, utilization, as well as the introduction to treatment planning. Post hypnotic suggestions will also be taught.

Module 2-4: Hypnotic Skill Development

The second section focuses on solidifying and strengthening the skills learned in module 1, as well as building new skills for Ericksonian work, such as pacing and leading, use of suggestions, age regression and progression, ego strengthening and the early learning set. Additionally, this section will teach self hypnosis and working with confusion.

Module 5 and 6: Specific Hypnotic Techniques

In addition to strengthening the skills learned in Modules 1 and 2, the 3rd section will introduce the more complex hypnotic techniques, including somatic anchoring, working through resistance in hypnosis, time distortion, use of metaphor and conversational trance.

Virtual classes will be every other week for 3 hours on a Sunday. Exact hours to be determined with the class.

The final 40 hours:

Advanced classes, Supervision and Consultation

While continuing to practice skills, this section focuses on case supervision. The students are challenged to truly integrate the Ericksonian work into their own clinical practice with the support and consultation of the NYSEPH faculty. They will learn how to deepen their therapeutic work.

The five modules focus on specific advanced techniques such as mental rehearsal and imaginal desensitization with various issues such as pain management, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

The Cost

The total cost of the 60-hour training program is $3200 if you sign up for the course before August 1st, 2022. It will be $3500 after August 1st.

Students are allowed one missed class. Classes will be recorded and can be reviewed if missed. Any additional classes that are missed can be made up with one of the instructors individually at extra cost for the instructor’s time.

The total cost of the 40-hour Advanced Training and supervision is $2500 and $2200 for early bird.  Again, Students are allowed one missed class. Classes will be recorded and can be reviewed if missed. Any additional classes that are missed can be made up with one of the instructors individually at extra cost for the instructor’s time.

Cancellation Policy: A nonrefundable $350 deposit is required with your registration, and no refunds are offered once the course begins. Should you need to cancel attendance in the class prior to its start, you will be refunded your full fee minus the $350 deposit.

Please note: Course offerings are dependent on a minimum number of participants.  If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund (including the $350 deposit).

Please also note: You are allowed to miss one class and watch the recording. If you need to miss 2 or more classes, (three hour group classes) each class must be made up with one hour of individual work with a NYSEPH instructor, at additional cost ($125 per hour).

The Certification

For licensed health and mental health professionals who successfully complete the entire 100-hour training and exhibit competency will receive a Certificate in Hypnotherapy from NYSEPH.  Certification requires students to be licensed in their field – those who are not yet licensed (e.g., graduate students) will receive a letter of completion and will be eligible for certification once they are licensed.

Further Information

Judith A. Grosz, LCSW is the Director of Training at NYSEPH. Please feel free to email her with any questions about the training at

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