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We offer a large range of hypnosis video tapes and some DVD’s for NYSEPH members and students. You will be able to see how practitioners of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy incorporate Erickson’s hypnotic techniques into their own therapeutic work. In order to borrow a tape, you need to have paid your membership dues since September, 2009 or be a current NYSEPH student.To borrow tapes, please call Judith Grosz at (212) 794-0143. A $100 deposit made out to NYSEPH is required to borrow tapes from the library. The tapes must be returned within 4 weeks. After that time, there is a late charge of $1 per day.

The reviews seen below have been written by NYSEPH students. 


Sports and Performance Therapy Edgette, Janet Sasson
Enhancing Trances Erickson, Betty Alice
Trances-Healing and Helping, Changing and Creating  Erickson, Betty Alice
Accessing Unconscious Process Gilligan, Stephen
The Courage to Love: A Demonstration of Self-Relation Therapy
A woman remarries in her 50’s after her first husband has died. The second husband is not the man anyone in her family (esp. her mother) wanted her to marry. Gilligan works to connect the little girl part of the client with the adult part of her. He uses an interesting metaphor about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan to talk about the vibrational quality of the inner child
Gilligan, Stephen
Treating Anxiety Lankton, Carol
Examining the Resolution of Anxiety and Pain Problems Using Hypnosis Lankton, Steven
Generalizing Change for Profound Work in a Single Session
Lankton’s style is playful. He works with a high functioning woman who is unable to ask for support or help. He uses metaphors and takes her into a very relaxed state. He has her push this feeling of relaxation out into her future from a central core.
Lankton, Steven
Motivating Action with Hypnotherapy Lankton, Stephen
Symptom Path to Enlightenment Rossi, Ernest
Using Stress Symptoms to Facilitate Problem Solving and Healing Rossi, Ernest
Imaginative Medicine: Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice Sugarman, Laurence
Pain Control and Healing Enhancement Thompson, Kay
Symptom Substitution for Habit Control and Stress Reduction Thompson, Kay
Building Expectancy Yapko, Michael
Susan: Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Freeway Driving (demo) Yapko, Michael
Vicki: Hypnosis with a Terminal Cancer Patient (demo) Yapko, Michael
Advanced Techniques: Milton Erickson–Therapy Within a Marital System Zeig, Jeffrey
Brief Ericksonian Psychotherapy Zeig, Jeffrey
Integrative Ericksonian Therapy Zeig, Jeffrey
Master Class in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (4 dvds) Zeig, Jeffrey and         Yapko, Michael
Fundamentals of Hypnosis Workshop (6 dvds) Multiple participants
Clinical Demonstrations (6 dvds) Multiple participants

VHS Tapes

Utilizing Hypnosis in Psychotherapy
A man talks about wanting to write his dissertation without struggle—he has been procrastinating. He has a fear of responsibility and boredom. Barber asks many relevant questions: “What’s happening now?” “I wonder what you are thinking right now.” In trance, he leads the client into the woods where there are 2 paths which divide. He talks about the different experiences the client will have, creates curiosity as well as a double-bind to help the client move forward.
Barber, Joseph
Hypnotic Alteration of Pain Perception (Highly recommended)
Illustrates the power of the mind to create a change in how one feels. Rates both the level of pain as well as how much the pain is bothersome. Utilizes the discomfort as part of the induction. Posthypnotic suggestion for amnesia of the work done in the trance.
Barber, Joseph
The Reverse Set in Hypnotic Induction Erickson, Milton
Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy (bio) Erickson, Milton
Accessing Unconscious Processes Gilligan, Stephen
Surviving in a Managed Care Environment Granat, Jay
The Artistry of Milton Erickson (Monde) Lustig, Herbert
The Primer of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
A teaching tape using parts of sessions from both Erickson and his own work.
Lustig, Herbert
The Constructive Use of Hypnotic Phenomena Moore, Marion
Ericksonian Induction Strategies
(Tape is rated: fair)
Pearson, Robert

A Quick Utilization Approach to Hypnotic Inductions Rosen, Sidney
The Panic Chair Rosen, Sidney
A Fail-Safe Double-Bind Approach to Hypnotic Inductions
Asking questions is an important way to get a person to be inwardly focused. Rossi listens and watches carefully. He utilizes whatever he sees and hears. When the client talks about resistance, he works with it. With one client, he does a double-bind with her by having her hold her hands a small distance apart and having her feel the magnetic force between them. He says if the unconscious want to say YES, the hands will come together, if NO, they will separate. If the hands do not move, he says: “How wonderful that the hands aren’t moving. Are those hands still, so you can go more deeply into the unconscious?”
Rossi, Ernest
A Sensitive, Fail-Safe Approach to Hypnosis Rossi, Ernest
Conversational Introduction to Trance
The VHS quality is not good–the tape breaks up in one part for 30 seconds. However, the tape is interesting and recommended. Kay does a conversational induction with someone she already knows. She tells a story about how a tree grows in the woods and we can see the subject clearly go into trance with eyes open, then closed, then open just from listening to the story. The client is a hypnotist himself and this is particularly interesting. Kay’s story is general and there is very little that is specific to the client, but at the end of the session he comments on the fact that “she knows him so well” based on the induction. He is not aware that she is being general and finds the induction to be therapeutic. Kay has a powerful presence and excellent delivery.
Thompson, Kay
Ericksonian Based Therapy for Weight Control Zeig, Jeffrey


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